How to set up automation in MailChimp

How to set up automation in MailChimp 2017-04-17T21:11:56+00:00

To send your content upgrade to your new subscribers, you need to setup an automated workflow in MailChimp.

This requires a paid MailChimp account but you can get this from only $20 per month.

Create the list

You need a list for all your subscribers and we recommend that you create a new list for your content upgrade users.

To create a new list, click on “Lists” and “Create List”:

Fill our all the details:

  • List Name
  • Default From email address
  • Default From name
  • Remind people how the signed up to your list
  • Company/Organization
  • Address
  • City
  • Zip / Postal Code
  • Country
  • Phone

Then save the list.


Customize the default emails

When you create a new list, we recommend you to take a look on predefined confirmation email.

You can find this under “Singup forms”:


Select the “General forms”:

Now you can edit all the emails and signup forms. Find the “Opt-in confirmation email” on the list:

Scroll down to the editor and start editing the fields.

The header has the list name as default. Click on the “edit” button to change this or insert your logo with the “use image” button.

Create the automation

Go to “Automations” and choose “Add Automation”:

On the “Explore Automations” you have to search for “welcome message”

Click on the “Add Automation” button.

Now you have to name the list and choose which list you would connect the automation to:

Click “Next”.

Change the trigger

First you need to chance the trigger, which defines when the email should be sent. This is by default “1 day after subscribers join your list”. But you new subscribers wouldn’t wait one day to get the content upgrade.

Click on “Edit trigger” to change this.

Then choose “Immediately” in the “day(s)” field:

Save by clicking “Update trigger”. Now the content upgrade bonus will be sent immediately after the subscriber has confirmed their subscription.

Design the email

Now you have to design your email and give the subscriber a link to the download site or your pdf file.

Start by giving your email a subject.

Choose a template – either one of the predefined or one of your own. You can also choose the “Simple text” in the bottom of the page:

Click “Next” to insert your content.

All you have to do now is to edit the content. Click on the content boxes to change the predefined content.

Make sure to insert a link to your content upgrade bonus.

When you are finish with the email, click “Save and Continue”.

On the final page click on the “Start workflow”.

Now you’re rollin’!